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• 5/26/2014

Want to bring IC back.

Ive played IC online for many years I played the game when it was still hot as it wore. Now days the game has gone downhill, im happy newbs and some old players show thier self now and then. due to the actuall IC online gone in the wind as it wore. Its getting alot harder to sort out games,pluss the new mods and all the changes, I think are wounderful but in fact have killed the game even worser then what it was. My veiw for the game to return alittle stronger and more flexiable would be create an open chat-room for all IC players to set-up games, and thier should be a new mod. A mod witch has no abusive ponits,so I say a mod with 50 new units would lower chances of abused combos and units.  And 10 new maps. To whom ever that is read this that still plays or find what I say even close to interesting or could be fact in any way. You can locate the impossiblecreature fan page on Facebook or you can e-mailme.

At the end this game could never be copied or changed, but to keep this game alive we will have too,or IC will be gone forever. thank you and god bless.

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• 12/27/2014

Have you checked the Tellurian forums?

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