The air chamber is what you might call an aviary, yet it can be for other flying creatures (dragonfly, wasp, hornet, vampire bat). Basically it is to build flying creatures. Its very essential if you want to build an air force. A good air force creature is the dragonfly/crocodile combo, as well as the wasp/rhino combo. Want to build a dragon? Use a vampire bat combined with any snake: rattlesnake, spitting cobra, anaconda. All vampire bat body parts except for the head and tail, which should be the snake's. Looks exactly like the dragon. Another good air creature is a condor combined with a walking stick. All condor body parts except for the tail, which should be the walking stick's. It has good attack, as well as immunity, regeneration, and camouflage. Pretty good, huh? Oops, sorry. Getting off track.