Bramble Fence
Bramble Fence
Type Structure
Hit Points 250
Research Level
Buildable Yes

Coal Icon5 Electricity Icon 0

The Bramble Fence is a defensive structure, a fast-growing species of plant, that can be used as a barrier to keep your foes from getting at parts of your base. They have 250 health points (500 when upgraded, but 1000 at CC when upgraded) and regenerate health. Each seperate plant costs 5 coal and 0 electricity to build. Due to their large roots, digging creatures can not go underneath them.Henchmen or creatures that attack it take damage, unless they have the Barrier Destroy ability. Creatures with ranged or artillary attacks will also not take damage when attacking a Fence. The Bramble Fences are found first in mission 5.


The bramble fences is a big spiky plant that come from a seed. It is put in the ground and the seed grows into the enourmous sharp plant with spikes.


A bramble fence prevents enemy units to pass to a certain area. If they attack this fences with meele attacks, they´ll take damage with every hit they make.