Chimpanzee LevelII
Movement type Ground
Cost Coal Icon 111 Electricity Icon 95
Health 65
Defense 35
Speed Land: 28 km/h
Sight radius 25
Size 2
Melee damage

Chimpanzees are one of the smartest primates known to man. This intelligence makes it relatively easy to train them to use some quite rudimentary tools, hence their ability to throw rocks. The Chimpanzee throws rocks long distances, causing them to break apart on impact and send sharp shards of rock flying everywhere. These shards damage anything in the area around impact. Naturally, by creating a larger Chimpanzee through combination, the creature will be able to throw larger, heavier rocks longer distances. In the wild, a chimpanzee tends to form packs with others of its species. This follows true when the animal is combined, as groups of four or more creatures of he same type are always more effective.