Type Resource
Found Land
Extraction Gathering
Use Building, Researching, Upgrading

Coal is a resource type that is almost always found near the lab, and can be found everywhere if it is land. It is the most valuable resource and the most used in builds, researches and upgrades. It's indicated by yellow on the minimap.


Coal is usually found in groups with 3 to 5 piles. A coal pile may contain 3200 when the resource setting is set to standard, 6400 when high and 1600 when on low.



A henchman gathering coal to a Workshop.

The coal can be gathered by a henchman and Lucy. When selected the unit, right-click on the coal pile and it will take out a pickaxe to start gathering. Once they gathered all they can carry, they'll move to the Lab or the nearest Workshop, if there is one, to unload their carry and continue gathering.


Coal is the half component of the cost of a creature and it is straight related to its physical attributes. Creatures' attacks, health, defense, speed, sight radius, and size will influence the coal cost. The more of them a creature has, the higher the cost; conversely, the less of them it has, the lower the cost. For most armies, coal will be the resource you need to worry most about, as nearly every creature and structure costs more coal than electricity, the exception being ability-heavy creatures.