Dragonfly LevelIII
Movement type Flyer
Cost Coal Icon 82 Electricity Icon 90
Health 18
Defense 25
Speed Land: 35 km/h
Sight radius 25
Size 1
Melee damage

The Dragonfly is a predacious aquatic insect characterized by an elongate body, agile flight and two roughly equal pairs of membranous wings. Being such a small and delicate flying animal, The Dragonfly's inclusion in an army is initially questionable. Although highly mobile because it can fly, the Dragonfly is quite weak and therefore very susceptible to attacks that other flying units would simply shrug off. However, it is immune to chemical based attacks including stink, plague, and poison. This combination of attributes and abilities makes the Dragonfly one of the cheapest animals, and lowest Research Level flying units possible. For gaining early flight capability, the Dragonfly is supreme.

Due to its size of 1, and an initial swoop attack damage of 6, when combined with a high size creature, swoop attack will do incredible amounts of damage and will allow of a total melee attack of above 50 in some combinations, before upgrades at the Genetic Amplifier . This will provide you with a great raw damage dealer in the lategame, which, when combined with some faster or more strategic units, will allow for some higly advantageous positions. As the dragonfly is quite squishy though, you will need to avoid it being focused down.