Type Resource
Found Land and Water
Extraction Lightning Rod

Electrical Generator

Use Building, Researches, Upgrades

Electricity is a type of resource that is gathered automatically when Lightning Rods and Electrical Generators are built.


Electricity can be found in geysers. Otherwise will be gathered by a lightning rod automatically.


Electricity can be gathered by building lightning rods or in the geysers by building a electrical generators over them.

Each Lightning Rod provides 2 electricity per second, and a Generator contributes with 3. Generators can be upgraded up to 3 times, increasing the electricity output by 2 points per second each time (so a fully upgraded generator will provide 9 electricity per second).

An upgrade at the Research Clinic will increase electricity producing by 25%.


Creatures' electricity costs are based on their abilities - a creature with more abilities will have a higher electricity, and a creature with no special abilities will cost no electricity to produce.