Characters Rex Chance, Lucy Willing
Date June 11, 1937
Location Isla Exsilium
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None Renewal
Exile is the first mission on the Campaign of Impossible Creatures.


From the journal of Rex Chance, dated June 8th, 1937:

For years I thought my father was dead. Dr. Erick Chanikov, the infamous scientist who dissapeared almost 30 years ago after being exiled from the scientific community. All I knew of him is what a handful of old newspaper clippings told me, and that's never enough, until today. When I received a letter that turned my world upside down.

"My son, at last I've found you. I've been on this islands for years, working on exile. To protect you and myself, but I'm growing old. I'm sure I have many years left, but I don't want to take any chances. I want to look on the face of my son before it's too late. Upton Julius, the man who saved my life and has been my confidant all these years, found you at my request. I want you to know the truth."

Your father, Dr. Eric Chanikov.

Detailed WalktroughEdit

Rex Chance arrives to Isla Undisonus, where his father runs his lab, but find no signs of him. Suddenly, he is surrounded by Upton Julius and his creatures. The creatures are about to attack him , Lucy Willing arrives on a mobile lab, shoots them with a dart gun and tells Rex to get on it. Rex goes on the lab and they fly out of the island.

Lucy and Rex arrive to Isla Exsilium until the lab crash-lands suffering criticall damage. Lucy exclaims is gonna take forever to repair the Lab, as she tells Rex to explore the Island looking for a village nearby.

Rex heads North where they'll find a small village. You may collect animal DNA to create creatures as you travel through the map. When Rex arrive to the village, the Villagers will tell Rex there are bloodthirsty monsters on the island with them and that they had contained them by blocking the path placing bonfires. Rex agree to help the villager, if he tells him everything he knows about Uption Julius and his creature army.

The bonfires run out and the enemy creatures are able to cross the path. Rex leads his creatures to kill them and the remaining creatures up on the top of the mountain.

As promised, the villager tells Rex that the people that builds the creatures lives on the next island and send them by the night, when the water between the two islands freezes on most nights, the time in which creatures cross to the island they are.

Quick WalktroughEdit

  • Have Lucy start gathering Coal.
  • Gather genetic material from at least 2 creatures.
  • Take Rex to the village.
  • Have Lucy build a Creature Chamber.
  • Destroy all creatures on the island.

Bonus ObjectivesEdit

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