Health 150
Buildable Yes

Coal Icon100 Electricity Icon 0

A henchman is a unit that can be used to work on your base. It can gather resources, build structures and even fight to defend the base. It is the most multi-functional unit in the game.


A short-fat man with vest and pants. It usually make use of its tools: a hammer and a pickaxe. When it has to swim, he will wear a pair of buoys to float on the water.


The henchman is an obedient and passive unit. It will do whatever you tell him in the correct order and will no engage enemy creatures if attacked by one, unless you tell him to do so. If attacked by enemy henchmen it may defend by itself or not. It will also notify you if any research, upgrade or structure is finished, if any unit is attacked or if he is unable to comply an order for some reason.


Henchmen can only by built at the Lab and will appear at one side of it. On Impossible Creatures Insect Invasion the new developed Sigma Henchmen Labor Organization’s New-Growth Subsystem allows the Lab to set a Rally Point on any Workshop desired so built henchman will appear on it, instead of appearing on the Lab and move all the way to the Workshop, to start gathering resources.

Strategic ValueEdit

Henchmen can build your structures at any location if they can reach it and all the conditions for it are possible. Gyrocopter hechman can cross any barrier to reach location that henchman on the ground cannot reach. 

Structures eventually are attacked and damaged by enemy creatures, then henchman will be able to repair damaged structures or build a new structure in the place if destroyed.

They will also gather coal and retrieve it to the lab from wherever they are if they don't find a Workshop nearby. Building many Workshops next to every coal pile on the island will allow you to gather more coal faster.


Henchmen can make a variety of moves, to perform some tasks.

In the CampaignEdit

In Renewal, a henchman is first encountered at the fuel depot, where he carries the fuel back to the lab. He then proceeds to work for the player, and From then on, additional henchmen may be recruited from the lab. Prior to recruiting henchmen, Lucy Willing fills the same function, with her similar working abilities.

In The Wicked Sky Witch, Velika La Pette is allied with two henchmen brothers, Humphrey and Bugsy, who try to help her in taking out Rex Chance.