Hippopotamus LevelIV
Movement type Amphibious
Cost Coal Icon 239 Electricity Icon 75
Health 260
Defense 50
Speed Land: 15 km/h
Water: 22 km/h
Sight radius 15
Size 6
Melee damage

The Hippopotamus is an African mammal that lives partly in water and partly on land. Although strictly a plant eater, the Hippopotamus has massive jaws with a formidable tusks and an unpredictable temper. This creature is a good medium-cost attack unit due to its high health and ferocious bite. Due to its highly social nature, it also has herding ability, making it more effective when used in groups of 4 or more. Decent armor, along with the ability to be just as effective in the water as on land, make the Hippo a good mid-level offensive creature.