Insect Invasion is a MOD release by Relic Entertainment that was released in 2004, it allows the player access to new animals; all insects, with the exception of the Anaconda, Condor, and the Giant Anteater, new abilities, new maps and new features.

New animals Edit

New abilities Edit

  • Assassinate
  • Defile land
  • Deflection Armour
  • Disorienting Barbs
  • Flash
  • Hovering
  • Infestation
  • Loner
  • Web Throwing

New technology Edit

New maps Edit

  • Big Bog (6 players)
  • Delta Blues (6 players)
  • Football Pool (2 players)
  • Good Fences (4 players)
  • Ohkaye Bayou (4 players)
  • Wetlands (6 players)

New features Edit

  • Set rally point using right-click.
  • Henchmen can appear at any workshop when they have finished being built, if the structure has been right-clicked on with the Lab rally point. (See Unionised Workshops)
  • Coal can be converted to electricity and vice versa via the workshop. (See Resource conversion)
  • New JumboJyro crates allow multiple creatures and henchmen to cramed into one Gyrocopter crate. (See JumboJryo Crates)
  • Gyrocopter is now more expensive as a result.
  • Sound Beam tower gains the sonic boom ability, costs 1000 eletricity. (See Sonic Boom)
  • Anti-Air Tower recieves the Airburst function, costs 1000 eletricity. (See Air Burst)