Type Structure
Hit Points 8000
Buildable No
The Lab is a structure of Impossible Creatures designed to deploy and transport the Sigma Technology. Is the first structure you interact with in Campaign. 


The Lab has a form of a heli-train that consists in the locomotive with two porpellers on each side that allows it to take off and fly. Although this function is only used during the Campaign. When landed it will deploy a folding tent on the ground, transforming itself in a portable lab. Fellow enemies on the Campaign have been known to have different kinds of labs such as only-gorund labs and Whitney's Lab, that is a ship at the same time which allows him to travel by water.


The Lab is the predecessor of all other structures and it's the only one that can create henchmen. Without it, no other structure would be possible to build. Gatherer units use it to deposit Coal if they find no Workshop nearby. Also Rex and Lucy can get inside the lab as garrisons when their health is too low to defend by themselves while their creatures defeat the surrounding enemies outside; they will be healed by 2 per tick of game time, or ~16.7 per second. The lab will allow you to build even more powerful creatures and increase the capability of your structures to gain advantage towards your opponent. Once it is destroyed, your enemy wins the battle and you lose. One of the main objectives during the Campaign and Player vs. Computer is to destroy the enemy lab, which consists in fight opponent's army in order to destroy its lab. 


The lab is a structure with more than one purpose. It can perform researches, build units, gather resources and be a defensive structure. It is somehow connected to every structure that comes from it, which makes the structures dependent on it. When destroyed all this structures will follow. Henchmen can only be built in a lab and when the lab where they were built is destroyed, they will be automatically killed. Although it has no defence weapons, it has a mechanism called the Radar Pulse, that allows to detect all units, structures and resources within its range so the operator can take decision at an incoming attack.


Upgrade Symbol Description Cost

Advanced Structures Research

Advanced Structures Research

Increases the lab's Hit Points by 50%. Required for: Anti-Air TowerResearch Clinic and Landing Pad.

Coal Icon 100 Electricity Icon 50

Research Level II

Research Level 2

Allows you to use Research Level 2 creatures. Required for Research Level 3 and Water Chamber.

Coal Icon 200 Electricity Icon 300

Research Level III

Research Level 3

Allows you to use Research Level 3 creatures. Required for Research Level 4 and Air Chamber.

Coal Icon 300 Electricity Icon 650

Research Level IV

Research Level 4

Allows you to use Research Level 4 creatures. Required for Research Level 5.

Coal Icon 500 Electricity Icon 1000

Research Level V

Research Level 5

Allows you to use Research Level 5 creatures.

Coal Icon 700 Electricity Icon 1400

Types of labsEdit

Most of these Labs appear in the Campaign only.

Lab type Hit points
Advanced Lab (with fans) 8000
Advanced Lab (without fans) 8000
Creature Controller 8000
Dr. Ganglion's Lab (henchmen) 8000
Dr. Ganglion's Lab (veterinaire clinic) 12500
Henchman Lab 6000
Julius's Lab 15000
Lab in Factory 1000
Velika's Lab 10000
Whitey's Lab 12000
Lab design

the lab is the center of your base and VERY important

All facts are from IC 1.0 except for the Miniature Lab, which was introduced in Creature Chaos. The Minilab, however, can't be used as an actual Lab. It may be used for creating henchmen or non-flying creatures. They require advanced structures research and may be built twice. They can not be used to store coal. In actuality, the regular Lab and Minilab are the only ones used in games. The others are used in the campaignonly.