Polar Bear LevelIII
Polar Bear
Movement type Amphibious
Cost Coal Icon 166 Electricity Icon 0
Health 155
Defense 35
Speed Land: 23 km/h
Water: 24 km/h
Sight radius 25
Size 3
Melee damage
Abilities None

The Polar Bear is a common name for a white bear found in the sea ice of the Artic throughout the North Polar basin. It has the plant grade feet (heel and sole touching the ground) typical of bears, with five sharp, curved claws on each foot for grasping the ice and holding on its prey. All Polar Bears are white, although their fur may yellow in the summer, and they are the largest wild bears ever weighed. Polar Bears have a strong navigational sense, an extremely good sense of smell, and they are unusually clever at solving problems in order to obtain food. This unit has fairly high attack ratings, but its mediocre health and above average defense keeps it a relatively inexpensive creature for combining.