Rat LevelI
Movement type Ground
Cost Coal Icon 28 Electricity Icon 50
Health 21
Defense 19
Speed Land: 18 km/h
Sight radius 20
Size 1
Melee damage

Rat is a common name for any large member of the family of rodents, with dull-colored, coarse fur; long tails; large ears; and a pointed snout. Rats have extremely powerful teeth, with which they often gnaw through wooden planks to get at stores of food, and they have even been known to bite holes in lead pipes. They are usually nocturnal and live in human habitations, forests, deserts, and on seagoing ships. They are extremely prolific, breeding 1 to 13 times a year and producing 1 to 22 young a litter. Most species of Rats are herbivorous, but some are omnivorous. The Rat is the only animal able to carry the vicious plague ability. It is immune to plague attacks, but keep in mind its low health, defense, and sight radius when planning optimum creature combinations.