Rhinoceros LevelIV
Movement type Ground
Cost Coal Icon 227 Electricity Icon 80
Health 300
Defense 50
Speed Land: 20 km/h
Sight radius 15
Size 7
Melee damage

Rhinos are among the biggest and heaviest land animals today. They have thick, pillar-like legs with three toes covered with broad, hoof like nails. Rhinos are legendary for their poor eyesight, but their sense of smell and hearing are acute. Although they look clumsily, Rhinos can swivel around rapidly to face danger, and if threatened, can charge at speeds of up to 50km/h (about 30mph). The Rhinoceros is a powerful charging creature with high armor. Its intimidating horn and strong bite help make it a good middle point between the Bull and Elephant. Its high health and attack ratings are beneficial to combinations with smaller animals. Drawbacks include a very low sight radius and average speed.