Snapping Turtle LevelV
Snapping Turtle
Movement type Amphibious
Cost Coal Icon 183 Electricity Icon 0
Health 122
Defense 90
Speed Land: 14 km/h
Water: 22 km/h
Sight radius 10
Size 3
Melee damage
Abilities None

The Snapping Turtle is a member of one of two genera of large freshwater turtles, noted for their strong jaws and fierce tempers. Its powerful jaws grip so tenaciously on prey that it may sometimes be lifted up by the object it bites. It feeds on fish and other small aquatic animals. Snapping Turtles have a pink wormlike structure on their tongues that they wiggle like a fishing lure to attract prey. They are one of the most well-armored creatures in the game. Couple that with a nasty bite attack and you have a great medium--cost defensive amphibious creature. Naturally, its speed is one of the slowest you can find and it has a relatively small sight radius, so keep that in mind when considering strategic combinations.