Sperm Whale LevelV
Movement type Swimmer
Cost Coal Icon 153 Electricity Icon 130
Health 420
Defense 15
Speed Water: 29 km/h
Sight radius 30
Size 10
Melee damage nowiki
Abilities nowiki

The Sperm Whale is the largest of the toothed whales. Sperm whales have a huge head - up to one-third the length of the body - which houses the spermaceti, a light oily fat that is believed to aid the animal in sending a directional beam of echolocation clicks from its snout. Below the head is a relatively small and thin lower jaw, which contains a set of cone-shaped teeth that fit into sockets in the upper jaw. The bodies of Sperm Whales are laterally compressed, with a single blowhole on the left front of the head and a thick dorsal hump originating at the hindmost third of the body. Use this creature's tremendous size to your advantage, but be careful - it's also very expensive. All Sperm Whale attributes and abilities are above average, with extremely high health and a very high attack rating. It also has the ability to stun enemy creatures with its sonic attack.