Spitting Cobra LevelII
Movement type Ground
Cost Coal Icon 53 Electricity Icon 75
Health 27
Defense 16
Speed Land: 17 km/h
Sight radius 20
Size 2
Melee damage
Abilities None

The Spitting Cobra is a venomous snake, known for its intimidating behavior and deadly bite. Cobras are recognized by the hoods that they flare when angry or disturbed; the hoods are created by the elongate ribs that extend the loose skin of the neck behind the Cobra's heads. Cobra venom has been used for many years in medical research because it has an enzyme, lecithinase, that dissolves cell walls as well as membranes surrounding viruses. The Spitting Cobra has a powerful poison ranged attack and is the only creature that can spit poison from a distance. However, it also has low health and mediocre speed ratings.