Structures are a system of connected parts that support a load that was not designed for continuos human activity. In Impossible Creatures, structures allow you to gather resources, defend your base, build units and perform researches or upgrades. You automatically start a new game with a lab, but you will need to build additional structures. Henchmen are the only units that can be used to build structures.

Non-Buildable StructuresEdit

Strutures that are not available for your use during battle, although they share the same purpose of the structures you can build are often structures belonging to your opponent, non-controllable units, resources or just structures with an ambientation purpose only.


The lab is the beggining of the Sigma Technology and that is why without it, no other structure with Sigma Technology can exist. It was created by Eric Chanikov. The lab have the units capable of building structures, but since Chanikov, creator of the Sigma Technology died, there is nobody who can build it.

Buildable StructuresEdit

All structures that you can build as the whole Sigma Technology, are divided according to the purpose it was created for. Following structures


Advanced StructuresEdit


Advanced StructuresEdit


Advanced StructuresEdit

  • Anti-Air Tower


The main goal of the structures is to make possible for the player to build an army, although during the early stages of a game, they will be necessary for protection until all the resources are enough to build creatures on big scale.