Tiger LevelIV
Movement type Ground
Cost Coal Icon 225 Electricity Icon 30
Health 280
Defense 30
Speed Land: 30 km/h
Sight radius 25
Size 5
Melee damage

The Tiger is the only cat with striped fur. Perfectly designed predators, they possess beauty, grace, and awesome power. Their presence in the wild, revealed by a throaty roar or a track on a dusty trail, electrifies the forest and sends shivers down the spines of all who share its space. Humans admire Tigers as much as they fear them and the animals figure prominently in Asian myths, religions, arts, and imagination. Tigers are territorial; they live alone in large areas that they defend from other tigers. Its ideal territory is a large forested area with rich vegetation for cover, plentiful water to drink and cool off in, and abundant deer, swine, and other large mammals to eat. The Tiger is a large, powerful, and aggressive cat. A combination of speed and high attack rating make it an excellent offensive unit. Only its solitary nature and lack of pack ability keep it from being king of the cats.