Upton Julius
Upton Julius
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Varietas Archipelago

Upton Julius  is the antagonist of Impossible Creatures. He financed the development of the Sigma Technology, but did soon decide to steal it. 


Upton Julius is a multi-millionaire benefactor and industrialist, owner of many railway lines worldwide. He, Dr. Chanikov, and Lucy Willing developed the Sigma Technology. He was Eric's friend and confident.


He wears a brown jacket, brown pants and black gloves. He appears at the beggining of the game and on the last levels before defeating him. 

Sigma ProjectEdit

Due to his relationship with Chanikov, he found out that Rex Chance, Eric's son, was the succesful combination between a Sigma creatures and a human being. These made his obsession on Rex to grow, so he attemtps to capture Rex alive to move on with his plans.

Chasing Rex ChanceEdit

During the time Upton and Eric Chanikov worked on the Sigma Project, on Varietas Chain. Eric reveals him that he used his son, Rex Chance, to succesfully create a human-animal hybrid with the Sigma Technology. Julius knew, since then, that having Rex on his power will ensure his plans of domination over the world, so he kills Chanikov after he send a letter to his son, asking to come to Varietas Chain, to get to him before he could. 

Once Rex reaches his father lab, Upton tempts him an ambush with the Sigma creatures. Rex, who expected to see his father, didn't understand what was happening and knew nothing about Julius plans. Before he could be captured, Lucy Willing came on his rescue and shot the creatures, as Rex got into the train she was traveling with. Felling betrayed by his ex-colaborator, Upton Julius starts to go after her too.

Not so much time after that, Rex is told by Whitney Hooten, on Isla Undisonus, that his father was killed. He inmediately realizes that it was Upton Julius' deed and his anger encouraged Rex to get defeat him and his leaders.


After all his leaders were defeated by Rex and Lucy, Upton finds himself in the last showdown against both. They crush their armies against each other and Julius is defeated. In a last attemtp to recreate his plans he takes out a gun and points at Rex. Rex, with absolute control of the creatures, drives a flying creature to grab Julius with its claws and fly away. He was allegedly eaten by it later on.