Whitey's Lab
Whitey´s Lab
Type Structure
Hit Points 12000
Buildable No

Whitey's Lab is the base of Whitey Hooten's operations and his sofisticated fortress. It was established on Isla Glacialis until it was sunk by Rex and Lucy 's army into the deep cold waters of the artic with Whitey Hooten inside. 


Differently from the convencional lab, it was twice as strong and was adapted to be an icebreaker ship, making it able to move from one location to another, and an igloo, when settling in one location. The design of the lab was choosen by Whitey, because of the cold regions where he usually live.


The lab was used as headquarters of Whitey Hooten's Goons, were search for Rex was directed among Isla Undisonus, Isla Exsilium and Isla Glacialis, as Rex was defeating Whitey's forces eventually and reaching the icebraker lab.