Whitey Hooten uses Goons to carry out tasks such as building structures and collecting coal. He employs them in each arctic region of the Variatas Archipelago. Last task assigned to them was to capture Rex and Whitey abandoned them to their fate. Some even joined Rex Chance and became part of his army.


Whitey Hooten's Goons were spread between Isla Exsilium and Isla Undisonus. His army consisting of both henchmen and creatures. They had one lab for their base on Isla Undisonus, while the base on Isla Exsilium was only composed of a single Creature Chamber and a Genetic Amplifier.


Their army is basically formed by land units, close combat units, ranged units, units with pincers, units with horns, amphibious units, Keen Sense units, and inherent. It consist in 18 units:

  • Coying
  • Coyolf
  • Killar Bear
  • Ramerine
  • Mountain Ling
  • Mountain Lofl
  • Musking
  • Muskolf
  • Lemmote
  • Lemmupine
  • Lobsterine
  • Polar Box
  • Porcar Bear
  • Wolain Lion
  • Wolote
  • Wolox
  • Wolram
  • Wolunk