Wolverine LevelIII
Movement type Ground
Cost Coal Icon 143 Electricity Icon 40
Health 160
Defense 25
Speed Land: 19 km/h
Sight radius 25
Size 2
Melee damage

The Wolverine's body is heavyset, the legs are short and thick, and the claws are long and curved. The head and tail are carried low, and the back forms a high arch. The snout is short and pointed, and the head is blunt and rounded; the yes are set wide apart, and the ears project only a short distance above the head fur. Wolverines will eat bird eggs, berries, and any animal they can kill and, lacking live prey, will eat carrion. They adept at robbing the traps that hunters set for other animals. Although once abundant, the Wolverine is now rare due to over hunting, both for its fur and because it is viewed as a pest by some people. It is a vicious beast with a powerful frenzy attack.