Zebra LevelI
Movement type Ground
Cost Coal Icon 101 Electricity Icon 5
Health 78
Defense 15
Speed Land: 30 km/h
Sight radius 25
Size 3
Melee damage

The Zebra is a member of the horse family with an eye-catching coat of black and white strips. Each Zebra species has different stripe pattern, and no two individuals within a species have exactly the same markings. Because they spend so much time eating, they are an easy target for predators, and some zoologists have suggested that Zebra stripes act as a protective camouflage. According to this theory, their bold markings break up their outline, making them difficult to see from far away. Another explanation for the markings is that herd, Zebra stripes confuse would-be attackers by making it hard for them to single out an individual animal from a backdrop of constantly shifting stripes.